A new approach to Sunday worship

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Today, over 80% of Americans have a belief in God and about 70% believe in the importance of having religion in their life. Furthermore, more than half of Americans are disconnected from the church, meaning they rarely go or not at all.

Why such a gap? Recent studies show that various things attribute to this gap, but the most important reason is that many want more out of their Sunday worship experience. Less lecturing, judgement and routine. More transparency, more relevant teaching, and more discussion.

Sunday Connect Circle, an interactive, creative & innovative experience that’s FUN! Finally, a new approach to YOUR Sunday worship experience!

Each Sunday, we meet in a circle to dialogue real-life issues faced today, make connections to biblical truths and explore how to practically apply our learnings to transform your life and your world. You get to talk, share, ask questions, and interact with each other. And, it’s all done with excellence. It’s definitely not church the way you know it!

- The Circle is a positive environment to collaborate, connect and meet new people.

- The Circle is a safe place to get real, ask genuine questions and get the answers need.

- The Circle is a learning ecosystem for best practice leadership training and development.

- The Circle is a nurturing space for your personal spiritual, health, mental, financial and relationship growth.

Join Us in the circle Every Sunday, at 11am, free breakfast, free parking, and activities for your children will be available.

Sunday Connect Circle 

A safe space to talk real life issues and make connections to biblical truths so you can unlock the growth you want in your life.


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