We believe we are better together. A community built on the Life and teachings of Jesus, our approach to the Sunday worship experience directly reflects how Jesus ministered to others. 


9 Hills We Live On 

Jesus died on a hill so we can live and give our lives to others. We live on 9.

Biblical Hill. We believe the Bible to be the authoritative word of God and Jesus is the Son of God.


Communication Hill. We offer a place where everyone can dialogue through mutual communication exchange.


Serving Hill. We love, care for and serve people by encouraging others to do the same without criticism and judgment.


Love Hill. Demonstrating love is the most important priority of our church and without it there is no purpose for the church.


Excellence Hill. Promoting excellence is our top priority.


Leadership Hill. We are a church committed to discipleship and leadership training through spiritual and numerical growth as we define our role in the Kingdom of God.


Discipleship Hill. We encourage every believer to disciple others in the world by reproducing themselves in the earth.


Realness Hill. We promote small group discussion and realness among ourselves as we share our life of Christ through fellowship, community, awareness, truth, genuineness, and loving dialogue.


Fun Hill. Having fun is essential to our spiritual growth and development and is strongly emphasized in promoting healthy families, marriages, and relationships.


Sunday Connect Circle is a safe place for people disconnected from church to talk real issues faced today and biblical truths to grow/improve their spiritual, health, mental, financial and relationship life. 

We are not your traditional church, nor are we a help group. Instead we are somewhere in between, creating a new approach to your Sunday morning worship experience. 

Our Mission

We exist to help you transform your life and the world around you through Christ. Our approach is simple, yet powerful. We begin with equipping you on how to  build meaningful relationships, to bringing out your authentic leadership, to discovering your wellness and wealth in life.  

Let's begin to shift your life's journey. Join the conversation. Get in the Circle. 

Our Purpose

Sunday Connect Circle 

A safe space to talk real life issues and make connections to biblical truths so you can unlock the growth you want in your life. 



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